The Good, The Bad, and the League: 4/4 - 4/10

_Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ LCS finals in St. Louis this weekend, ARAM changes happened in 9.7, and Zoe is a champion! Yep. Totally is. **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** The main League Bug associated with this has been re-prioritized and is being worked on, alongside several other Mac bugs. No additional update since last week. **Server Stuff: ** * **PayOn has high failure rate (4/4, ~1 day)** Automated alerts notify the NOC that something’s wrong with payments. Payment teams discover PayOn has higher than normal error rates. PayOn self-fixes their issue after performing their magic on their end. * **Stats system causes issues with match history and missions (4/6, ~3.5 hours)** NOC is altered to global delays with processing end of game stats. Investigation shows the root service is falling over and requires a reboot. The service is rebooted and core processes are spun back up once the hardware is restarted. The restart and reboot of hardware and software fixed the issue. **Game Stuff: ** * **Memory Leak in matchmaking process (4/5, ~9 minutes)** Teambuilder (a component of the matchmaking service) needs an update to prevent a memory leak, which also requires the entire matchmaking service to be turned off. Messaging is sent for the affected regions, and Yi quickly runs to the servers, forcing an update while matchmaking is down. The system is restarted, and the memory leak has been fixed. **Player Support Issues:** If you are having login issues, take a look at [this ]( see if it helps. We also have [some videos]( available that y’all can follow along with to help as well! Morgageddon & Couch Commando [](

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