The Good, The Bad, and the League: 11/9 - 11/15

Your weekly dose of server problems, NA League news, and other! Our team wanted to be a bit more transparent around server issues, as well as other information that the NA playerbase may want to hear about. This is 100% a work in progress, so feedback around what’s here, or what you might want to see, is highly appreciated! Ranked just ended, so everyone suffered and worked and triumphed into Diamond 5 for the last time ever. Wave goodbye to that meme, say hello to Diamond 4 (Wood tier where?)! If you saw some boosters, never fear, punishments are forthcoming and a bunch of hopeful cheaters will in fact, cheat themselves out of rewards. Sorry, not sorry, you’ll be punished soon enough. [For a fun brief look into anti-cheat, this Nexus article is pretty good ]( Mirageofpenguins). A WWE wrestling showmatch is coming soon™, and a whole bunch of pro players now free agents! Seriously, sign them, they’re pretty dang good. Also, NA Scouting Grounds is ongoing this week, and with powerhouse rookies from last season performing so well, this year’s prospects may continue to impress. With some changes to the new season hinted, a new champion about to be teased, and some really awesome fan-made K/DA art, it’s been a pretty good week. And the servers didn’t break (that much)! **Server Stuff: ** RP purchasing died on NA for a few hours (11/12/18, ~2 hours). We pushed out a deploy to a database, but had a very very very long query running at the same time, which prevented the deploy from rolling out until it finished. Once it did, the deploy finally worked, everything matched up properly again, and purchasing was turned back on. Update caused inability to log in or update account info (11/14/18, ~30 min). A series of configuration changes caused authentication to burp, as the new config was implemented. A reboot of the service fixed the problem (turning it on and off again does work sometimes). If you weren’t trying to log in, or change your password, you probably didn’t run into this when it happened. **Game Stuff: ** Emotes load properly (Fixed 11/12/18). Sometimes emotes wouldn’t work for players when they loaded onto the Rift. We have fed the appropriate poros the correct number of free-ranged Poro-Snax to fix the underlying bug with emotes. Feel free to display, flaunt, and taunt as if nothing happened at all. _Morgageddon & Couch Commando _
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