The Good, The Bad, and the League: 10/4 - 10/18

_Your semi-weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! (Moved to Mondays for easier updates)_ Worlds has some interesting teams moving to knockout stage, TFT set 2 is on PBE and...oh yeah, we had a 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY announcement for League (and a bunch of other games, nbd). **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** Bug grouped with other Mac bugs **Ongoing** * **Transfer service goes down(9/21 - 10/9)** Player Support notifies the NOC that players are getting errors when attempting to transfer between Europe and Oceania (Not 100% failure rate, but not 0% either). This has been fixed as of 10/9! * **TFT Match History intermittent(9/26 - 10/9)** TFT match history goes live on all regions, and reports start to filter in over the next day that TFT matches aren’t always showing up in match history. This has been fixed as of 10/9! **Server Stuff: ** * **RP fulfillment issues causing players to not get RP(10/4, ~7 hours)** An alert pops stating a few players redeemed codes, but didn’t get RP. Investigation by payments team found a rounding error with decimals (pesky little things it seems). Players get their RP and the code causing the error is fixed server side. * **NA is unavailable due to extended HW maintenance(10/7, ~54 minutes)** NA is unavailable for longer than planned from a hardware maintenance. Final QA takes longer than expected, which caused the platform to open for players later than our original plans. * **Players are unable to checkout with PayOn(10/7, ~2 hours)** Automated alerting notices that PayOn processing is having problems. Payments team uncover that the problem isn’t on Riot’s side. PayOn processing is disabled until PayOn resolves their issue, which they do quickly after being notified. * **Misconfig leads to players unable to login(10/8, ~4 hours)** Player Support notifies the NOC that there’s a spike of players unable to login. NOC investigates login queue and discovers part of the system is having problems. Network engineers divert traffic away from an affected node, which enables players to log in again. Once the login queue is gone, engineers begin to fix the affected node and then transitions traffic back onto it again. * **Honor goes down(10/8, ~93 minutes)** Automated alerts notices that Honor rewards are down to 0. Investigation shows a changelist step was done out of order (pushed early) causing the problem. A correct config is pushed out, resuming rewards correctly. * **Free to play champion rotation not updated(10/15, ~104 minutes)** Automated alerts notify the NOC that champion rotation isn’t pushed properly. NOC manually sets config changes to enable free to play champions for this patch, and gets the automated config updated to work properly with the next patch. **Game Stuff: ** * **Games in progress killed by accident(10/7, ~4 hours)** The NOC notices various views aren’t updating with data, and rioter reports filter in that players are stuck attempting to reconnect in a TFT match. Investigation leads to a series of config updates taking place, which also incorrectly targeted NA servers instead of PBE servers. The config updates are paused, and all affected players have to endure a ghost game until they can queue up again. * **TFT traits not displaying or triggering in-game(10/9, ~34 hours)** Player reports filter in that players aren’t getting TFT synergies with proper numbers of units. TFT team identifies that preemptive code changes shipped for future patches caused the issue, and a fix rolls out via a micropatch once being approved by QA. _Morgageddon_
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