The Good, The Bad, and the League: 3/21 - 3/27

_Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ Twitch Rivals had a bunch of League games going on, you can help decide if cats or dogs are better (CATS), and a bunch of wonderful artwork was all over Boards and Reddit the last few days. If you like art, you might want to check some of them out! **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** The main League Bug associated with this has been re-prioritized and is being worked on, alongside several other Mac bugs. * **Transfers are currently down** A possible solution is being QA’d and will be tested on an internal realm shortly. **Server Stuff: ** * **A change to loot causes a spike in errors (3/21, ~55 minutes)** A backend series of changes create a spike in loot errors noticed by monitoring. Triage teams dig into the issue to find the root problem. A fix is patched in, dropping loot errors back to normal rates. * **Misconfiguration causes store issues and matchmaking problems (3/21, ~49 minutes)** A change to vintage skin borders code causes player inventory and actual player inventory to not properly match up. This caused players to be kicked from champion select if various skins had been selected (as the servers didn’t think they owned it). Updating the misconfiguration to fix the vintage skin borders fixed all issues. * **Missions rewards slowly delayed (3/21, ~3.6 days)** Automatic monitoring notices that updating mission rewards is slower than expected, but the rewards are still getting to players. An investigation is started, and the root cause is bad account data. Repairs are completed during a future maintenance, bringing the mission reward timing back to expected timing. **Game Stuff: ** * **Faulty Router Card causes connection issues (3/27, ~46 minutes)** Player Support reports a spike of connection issues and inability to get into the game. As compensation mode is enabled, triage teams look into possible hardware issues. A chassis alarm points to a faulty router card, and when that computer is disabled, game reconnects return to normal levels. **Player Support Issues:** We’re seeing a large spike of client issues after 9.6 rolled out. If you’re running into weird issues with your client (besides the inability to transfer regions), take a gander at our [client guide](! _Morgageddon & Couch Commando _

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