The Good, The Bad, and the League: 2/21 - 2/27

_Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ Most splits are half over, the Summoner’s Crown Capsule is available through Twitch Prime if you want some free loot, and we all learned that Sylas can channel his inner demon by stealing Teemo’s ult...truly the stuff of nightmares to worry about shrooms on both teams. ALSO, we would like your help in choosing the next Tristana skin! Head over to [here ]( checking out this week’s GBL (or before, DON’T LET ME TELL YOU WHAT TO DO) and place your vote on the skin you'd like to see in game next for Tristana! Lot of problems this week, so strap yourself in. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. **Follow-Ups:** None **Server Stuff: ** * **Friend List Disconnections after Patch 9.4 (2/20, ~32 hours)** Patch 9.4 rolled out world-wide with some new updates to the clubs code and backend, but also with players constantly connecting and disconnecting from chat after various client processes happen. Fiddling with club toggles didn’t fix it, and repro steps eventually narrow down that the issue stems from logging into League at 9.3 and updating to 9.4. A server-side redeploy ensured anyone updating from 9.3 to 9.4 wouldn’t be disconnected from chat constantly. NA only experienced this for 15 hours, but some regions had it for 32. * **Clubs disabled due to service bug (2/21, ~15 hours)** Patch 9.4 rolled out, and due to the problem noticed above with the chat system, one of the diagnosing steps required disabling Clubs. On all regions still patching or that hadn’t deployed 9.4, disabling Clubs prevented the friend list issue until the server re-deploy could roll out. Preemptive disabling prevented player pain from chat systems, but also caused it by being unable to modify club content for the duration of the bug. * **An API instance slowed down (2/21, ~44 minutes)** Nasus applied wither to one Riot API instance, causing delays to the end of game screen, as well as viewing match history within the client or on the website. Investigation showed it was a higher than expected load, so additional server hosts were spun up to deal with the increased load. Once load returned to expected levels, the additional server hosts were spun back down and retasked. * **Emote Loadout Saving Issues (2/21, ~108 minutes)** A change list item to a backend update caused delays and issues with one particular part and process on the client. Refreshing various processes to generate new player tokens fixed the emote issue! Yay for non-specifics! * * **MrCash/Yandex/Paypal unavailable (2/21, ~33 hours)** Updates to Chromium caused issues with properly sized and font issues, preventing proper purchasing. Adjusting the client font rendering values corrected the issue and the affected services were enabled again. * **Loot backend spike causes slowdown for players using Store and Loot (2/24, ~107 minutes)** Error rates for redeeming Loot reach suspiciously high levels. Investigation shows an excessively high amount of logs on a process server instead of properly stored in a DB somewhere safe, under guard by top men. Removing the already backed up logs, and giving enough time for the past Loot to redeem reduced error rates back to acceptable levels. Those logs remain safe in a warehouse somewhere, hidden in a crate… * **RP Button returning errors (2/25, ~37 minutes)** The store was updated with a new feature, which had an incorrect config file associated with it. The incorrect config file caused RP purchasing to fail. Redeploying the config file fixed the issue, and RP purchases worked properly again. * **Players delayed or unable to login (2/26, ~27 minutes) **A monitoring test ended not quite as expected. An accidental change was made to an automated health-check system, which would automatically scale down login servers during issues (instead of scaling up). The change propagated into the primary systems, and when the automated health-check system noticed issues, started scaling down login servers, which caused the system to notice, which caused it to scale can get the picture. Removing the accidental change fixed the system. **Game Stuff: ** * **Changes to Anti-Cheat raise game reconnects (2/22, ~10 hours)** An ISP maintenance is suspected for heightened game reconnects, but as the change-list for the ISP maintenance finished, reconnects remained at heightened levels. Investigation proceeds to look at an update to Anti-Cheat, but the actual update isn’t causing additional reconnections. Instead, a feature not-intended to be run was the problem. Said feature was disabled, and reconnects fell back to expected values. **Player Support Issues:** There is a known issue where attack move doesn’t work properly on some champions since 9.4 rolled out! This is a known issue, so if you suddenly are sure that you might be having issues with Zilean, Talon, GP, or Renekton, it might be because of this! If you are seeing [Login Issues]( and are on Windows 7 Escrow Build, you might want to swap to a non-Escrow build, we’re seeing issues around “We’re unable to log you in because you may be offline.” as a result of the Escrow Build! Morgageddon & Couch Commando

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