The Good, The Bad, and the League: 11/30 - 12/5

Our team wanted to be a bit more transparent around server issues, as well as other information that the NA playerbase may want to hear about. This is 100% a work in progress, so feedback around what’s here, or what you might want to see, is highly appreciated! Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! (Now moved to Thursday) Dark Harvest nerfs (wee, Rune Variation!), Snowdown and All-Star 2018 are arriving soon™, and a bunch of changes to ranked placements may make Pre-season a bit easier. But we broke a lot of things on the other hand... Server Stuff: * Store config change caused content to be unavailable (12/3/18, ~2 hours). A config push to the store caused content and pricing to be incorrect. Corrections had to be made to fix both the missing content and the pricing. No NA players should be affected. * Sashimi Akali/Statue of Karthus mispriced in Store (separate from the store issue mentioned above) (11/30, ~ 4 days). A misconfiguration in a sale caused a higher price than correct in a widget. Configuration issues were fixed after investigation of where and why the price was incorrect. If you bought either skin for 975 RP between 11/30 and 12/4, please write into Player Support so we can refund the difference * Players cannot gift RP (12/5/18, ~ Ongoing). An update to a plugin broke gifting, oops. Currently fixing the plugin and disabled gifting accordingly. * Signup Issues (12/3/18, ~ 3 hours). Discovered issues with the Signup flow, requiring that we disable signups to fix it. Once fixed, Signups were enabled again; stop being a sad mummy and play with some friends! * Neeko missions scheduled incorrectly (12/4 ~ 1 hour). Neeko missions were enabled in the client before Neeko herself was available (...sneaky bugger, ain’t she?). The missions are disabled until Neeko is enabled. Game Stuff: * Malzahar disabled on TT (12/2/18, ~ 2 days). Malzahar can cause Altars to not work correctly on TT. While he was disabled, your semi-friendly voidling spammer has been fixed and re-enabled on TT. * A single game server crashed (12/3/18, ~ 1 hour). One single game server had issues finishing games, players were pushed off of it and the server was rebooted. Only a few dozen players should have been affected. * Nocturne Disabled (12/5/18, ~ 3 hours). Nocturne spooked the servers into preventing his ultimate from working properly. After lighting a few candles, his ult was fixed. * Queue Dodge Penalty WherE? (12/5/18, ~ 2 hours). Updates to the League and Ranked system broke queue dodge penalties. Currently coaxing ham and cheese out of the servers in order to fix it. Player Support Trend: A new patch usually brings out more in game freezes/FPS drops than normal. Try seeing if [checking these steps]( for low FPS can eke a little more performance out after the patch. Anyone here planning on playing this weekend? If any of you see me or Couch Commando, we may or may not be Neeko. You never know. Catch y’all in the Rift! Morgageddon & Couch Commando

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