The Good, The Bad, and the League: 2/14 - 2/20

_Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ Morgana (the best sister) and Kayle (the worst sister) are getting updated!!!!!! Oh yeah, other stuff. Uh… the undefeated teams in LCS and LEK each lost a game, there’s [a lot of cool 3D]( [printing going on](, and time to press F for all the poor people soon to be bound by a Morgana Q for a few dozen decades. **Follow-Ups:** * None **Server Stuff: ** * **Account Service down, preventing players from modifying or creating accounts (2/14, ~58 minutes)** A component of the account service went down. After verifying where and to which database, the service was triaged to get writing data back to a proper speed needed for stable operation. * **Issue with Payment System caused Payon store purchases to fail (2/15, ~88 minutes)** An automated alert activated, showcasing a large blip in errors over a set time period. The investigation showed payments processing delayed on vendor side, but purchases were disabled until error rate returned to normal. A full restart of an application instance and waiting out the error rate led to a stable return to service. * **Game Start Failures too High/Ping Loss for a rack of servers (2/16, ~2 hours)** Game failures spike, and an automated alert points to an entire rack of servers. NOC verifies and restarts the affected cluster, verifies stability, and then reconnects the rack of servers into our game management system. We’re always glad the NOC doesn’t like keeping us in the dark unlike Nocturne... * **Platform Disconnects impact Game Starts (2/18, ~9 minutes)** An automated alert notifies the NOC that ISP disconnects are unacceptably high. Compensation mode is activated, but before teams need to triage, the spike disappears and service returns to normal. Where there’s a Teemo, there’s a way? * **Friend List speed impacted (2/18, ~10 minutes)** Automated alert notified the NOC that the league chat system is performing slower than expected. The system returned to normal function without outside influence after a few minutes. * **Account Service replication delays (2/19, ~35 minutes)** Automated backup began having replication errors, causing delays on account modifications on LIVE. Engineers monitored the system as it caught back up to speed and returned to normal service. **Game Stuff: ** Everything this week was server related. Oops. **New Patch:** With 9.4 out, I would like to direct people to [this support article]( in case anyone is having any issues with patching. If you are experiencing issues then please let us know, check out the article, and reach out to Player Support if you are still experiencing issues. Morgageddon & Couch Commando

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