Diamond 4 Jungler LF Dependable Duo

Diamond 4 Jungler LF Long term Duo! I'm kind of hardstuck Diamond 4 Jungle main and looking for a consitant duo to climb with.. I've gotten to D3 promos but went on losing streak back to 0 LP but now back up to 77 LP. Looking for Strong, Dependable duo, Pref One tricks. Add **WarRick n Morty**, Discord is encouraged. No Toxicity in chat, TBH don't mind it too much in voice as long as it's not over the top! THANK YOU! :D My Small Champion Pool: {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:154}} Secondary Role ( Support ) Also not the best Support FYI: {{champion:16}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:161}} Let's do this!
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