Re-designing the League of Legends logo for a NEW Generation!

[]([]) When League of Legends was born whatever many years ago, we needed a logo to go with the name. It needed to be something uniquely recognizable, something with punch. And thus, the original logo was born:[] It's easy to forget how the game once had **"Clash of Fates"** in its name like it was Star Wars or something, but we dropped it and streamlined the logo to something easier to recognize that really nailed the character of our game and you know this one:[] As technology changed and we began playing in new environments, it became clear that the logo we used for so long and had grown so fond of needed a rework, so we've decided to update it, because the original design became very hard hard to make out in our modern 1080p phone, tablet and PC displays. After working closely with the Apple Icons design team, we created, what we think, is something that captures the spirit of our original logo while giving it the update it needed:[] Also here's the new L which needed to be recognizable (and looked good) when it was alone.[] This isn’t a novel thing, as we’ve done it a lot with our own internal swag, social media channels, and even our website.[] We’ll be rolling out the logo in more and more places as time goes on... actually we're redesigning the look of the client to look like this:[] We still think **Summoner Icons** and **Featured Content** such as skins and e-sports miniatures can be a bit hard to make out and we're looking to re-design them so they're more readable in our modern high tech 4K displays world! ######_Please don't take this post too seriously. I'm just poking a bit of fun at how the new Riot logo looks, which I'm not a fan of. I had too much fun with this post, particularly with the client image. There's a couple memes/references in there_ :D

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