The year is 2025.

The year is 2025. SKT has just made a comeback year, winning their fifth world championship, the first time since 2021. The game is now 4v4 instead of 5v5, as top lane has finally been removed the previous year. The casters are watching a replay of SKT's series-winning teamfight. They slow it down, showing SKT's jungler, playing Sejuani, surviving in the teamfight for nearly three seconds, allowing the other three members of SKT to kill the entire enemy team in a slightly-quicker-than-average time of 0.13 seconds. "This is where it all turned around!" One of the casters can be heard saying as he draws a circle around Sejuani on the screen. "As you can see on the in-game clock right here," another caster says, circling the clock, "this is a grueling game, lasting a total of 23 minutes! That's the longest game we've seen so far this Worlds! When it really counts, SKT's jungler is able to step up, and what a final performance it is for the jungle role." "Don't forget," the third caster adds "we will be removing the jungle position in the Season 16 preseason, just as we've removed most tanks, with only Sejuani, Tahm Kench, and Galio remaining, and those will be gone next season as well, completely removing tanks from the game. I'm so excited to see how this plays out next year!" Sighing, you turn off the broadcast and decide to queue up for a ranked game yourself. You open League. You are immediately taken into the ranked summoner's rift lobby, as Normals, ARAM, and TFT have all been removed. Normal games and ARAM are completely gone, but TFT is available as a microtransaction, costing 79.99. Knowing you'll be in queue for a while, you decide to take a shower and grab some dinner. You come back, watch a few YouTube videos, and after an hour and a half, you enter champion select. You got autofilled support, however, which is why the queue time was so short. You don't know how to play support, so you look at the champions available to play. You have unlocked Brand, Yasuo, and Xerath. The other supports are locked behind a paywall, as Riot removed Blue Essence in 2023. You decide to play Yasuo, who's now classified as a support. You have trouble selecting Yasuo, as your iPad is bugging out. You wish the game was still available on PC, but it's not. You finally select him, and get into the game. The game ends up being a remake, as your mid laner, Zed, is AFK. You remake as to save time, but you still lose 25 LP, as part of Riot's new system to stop people from making a game a remake on purpose. You realize that you don't have time to queue up again, and go to bed, wondering if you'll play again tomorrow.
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