Back at the 1000 day Club

Riot announces new skins, while everyone gathers around watching the monitor. Riot: will be... {{champion:72}} Finally! {{champion:101}}Woo! {{champion:82}} About time. {{champion:203}} You hear that Lamb!? {{champion:102}}.... {{champion:161}} All of us in 2020? Extraordinary. {{champion:44}}He's just naming us all off!! Yes! {{champion:80}} Great news everyone! {{champion:57}}Me too!? {{champion:106}} A rework and a skin, living the dream! {{champion:48}}Nice! {{champion:30}} Yeaaaahhh!!! {{champion:101}}Little to much Karthus. {{champion:161}} Congratulations everyone! {{champion:133}} Speak for yourselves, I'm still not on there! {{champion:82}} You've been here for 2 months, fool. {{champion:44}} I'm sure you'll be after us the club will be much smaller if this works out. {{champion:203}} Wait Shyvana are you okay? Did the abundance of good news get to you? {{champion:72}} Don't you mean Shyvanna, haha!? {{champion:102}} ... {{champion:429}} We weren't announced... {{champion:72}} Oh... {{champion:30}}: But, isn't she one of the oldest along with Kindred? {{champion:102}} ... {{champion:44}}: It's okay, I'm sure Udyr has some tips on how to cope so long. {{champion:72}} Yeah, lets ask the psychopath that cried on Shvyanas food the whole time, and yells about how many skins he sold. -------------------------------------------------------------------------*From afar and muffled* {{champion:77}} I sold 4 skins!!!! {{champion:421}} That's tragic. {{champion:161}} YOU COULD TALK THIS WHOLE TIME? {{champion:106}} Maybe it's because you are getting a rework? {{champion:14}} Kalista too? {{champion:106}}: I'm trying Sion! {{champion:432}} BAWHHAAABAAAA {{champion:80}}: He asked if you'd like to talk to your parents he could get your there. {{champion:102}} I killed my mother because she attacked me for no reason and Riot removed my father. {{champion:72}} Wait wasn't he the whole reason you... {{champion:44}} Skarner! Well at least Kalistas getting a lot of love in LoR? {{champion:429}}*sniffs* Yeah, at least I got that. {{champion:101}} Let's sing their theme songs to cheer them up! {{champion:80}} Shyvana doesn't have one... {{champion:101}} Oh... {{champion:102}} I hate all of you
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