A Message to all my hardstuck brothers and sisters

First off, if you're plat+, leave this post, this isn't for you. Alright, all gone? Good. sup fellow hardstuck bitches, can someone explain to me why master yi is still this strong? at level 6 he can 1v3 literally anyone and there's absolutely no fucking counters to him at all, nothing. **Plat Player:** "Just use hard CC and burs..." shut the fuck up, I said go away, this isn't for you.. ight where was I, oh yea, fellow 1v9ers, explain to me why master yi is the most broken thing in league right now? with 0 counters and endless scaling, I would like to start my new petition #BoycottMasterYi, please donate me money so I can spread the word. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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