A tiny sneak peak at Season 100 Patch notes

Buffs: {{champion:145}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:555}} Nerfs:{{champion:268}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:82}} Buffs {{champion:145}}: "We realized that despite having a shield, Kai'sa can take damage. This is not okay" .R now grants untargetability after dashing for 3 seconds {{champion:350}}: "We realized that the game does not have enough damage, so Yuumi is going to help with that" .W now grants 100% of adaptive force to partner {{champion:142}}: "Zoe is so boring to watch, killing people in 0.01 seconds. People don't have that kind of attention span." . E now immediately puts enemies to sleep upon hitting them. .Q Deals double damage {{champion:92}}: "We overnerfed her. -1 movement speed put her play rate down by 0.0001% and a couple of tweens cried. Therefore, these buffs should make up for that mistake." . If Riven hits third cast of her q the whole cooldown is reset .W stun duration doubled. .R duration resets and Riven gains another cast of Wind slash whenever she kills an enemy. {{champion:555}}: "This champion desperately needs it, his ban rate is not at 100% and that is utterly unacceptable." .W now grants invisibility .R deals an additional 100% of the enemy's maximum health .Passive can revive pyke if enemies go out of vision of Pyke's corpse Nerfs: {{champion:268}}: "We saw him in once in pro play. He went 0/20/2. This is far too powerful for this champion and so we want to reduce his pro play presence. .Azir can only move using his e .Azir's R now has a 5 minute cooldown at all ranks {{champion:497}}: "We also saw him in pro play. We can't have that." .W no longer knocks enemies up .Q healing removed {{champion:84}}: "For some reason she's really good in high elo. We don't know why because we're too busy making a new champion with 10 dashes but we hope that these changes will help." .Q no longer deals damage .Passive bonus move speed removed {{champion:13}}: "After 135 reworks we still haven't found a good place for ryze. We think these changes can help." .Ryze can no longer move. .Ryze's abilities cause him to take 100% of his current health as true damage {{champion:82}}: "People are still complaining about this guy. They threatened to not buy skins if we didn't nerf him so HERE YOU GO BUY OUR PRESTIGE SKINS DIPSHITS." R has been removed. He is now the first champion who doesn't have an ultimate. Announcement: We are officially removing the music department. They're far too good at their job and they make our balance team look bad. So no more login music. We are also cutting pay to all members of the visuals department as their work is completely useless beyond making pro play look slightly better. We are currently working on a champion whose passive gives them a fifth castable ability, this ability being a dash that heals you and renders you untargetable for a brief period. We are also proud to announce Prestige Edition Star Guardian Lux. We spent about two hours making the skins strikingly tacky visuals as well as designing another skin for Kai'sa. This will be lux's 123rd skin and Kai'sa's 345th skin so stay tuned!
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