Tahm, You're Fired

{{champion:223}} May I inquire as to why I am being forcibly removed from my long-established position at this fine company? Riot: We feel that your presence in the professional scene isn't healthy overall for the current direction of the company. {{champion:223}} I believe I understand, then, perhaps there is some comparable solution to which all parties can agree. As I find myself inclined to seek new opportunity elsewhere if, in fact, this is your official decision on the matter. Riot: Well, perhaps. We believe we can work something out. After all, your unique talents remain a valued asset to the company. How would you feel about a new position? Well, not so much a new one so much as your old one. {{champion:223}} Are you implying that you are allowing, nay, enabling my return to my old corner office at the top? Riot: Are you interested? {{champion:223}} Absolutely. Also, I noticed we have a relatively new addition to the company. Who is she? Riot: Oh, Yuumi? Well, she's going to be filling in your old role. As you know, maintaining mobility while providing an ally with protection against all opposition is why we decided to remove you from your old position. But we feel Yuumi is a good fit overall.
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