El Macho Mundo is lacking.... something.

So im browsing some of my frequently played champions and I found the fact that I may have a slight problem. Many of my main champions are men that seem too be very proud of one or more of their nipples. {{champion:201}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:141}} and {{champion:79}} are some of my frequently played champions and they all show nipple. So after realizing this I realize why I haven't found a champion that suits me lately. So I start looking for nipple enthusiast champions and find Mundo, however close, shows no nipple. Then I realized he has a shirtless skin. EL MACHO MUNDO HAS NO NIPPLES WHATSOEVER. I'm almost certain that mundo lore shows that he was tortured and subjected to large amounts of pain. So maybe his nipples were removed as torture, but as a newly found nipple enthusiast I request that El Macho Mundo be given his rights as a human (is he human?) rights.
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