The Official Rules of League of Legends

1. Do not chase Singed. 2. Teemo is pure evil. No exceptions. 2.1 Unless you main Teemo, than Teemo is a saint. 2.2 Teemo mains lie. 3. Report the jungler. No exceptions. 3.1 Unless you are the jungler, than report your ADC. 4. Trinity Force deals *tons of damage*. 5. Unless you have definite proof otherwise, Garen is in that bush. 6. Any team that surrenders when you don't want them to are cowards. Report them. 7. Any team that refuses to surrender when you want to are trolls. Report them. 8. If you land a Q on Lee Sin, you *must* take it. No exceptions. 9. Riven is an annoying champion, but she is sexy so we like her anyway. 10. Yasuo is also annoying, but he is not sexy so we hate him. 11. Better Nerf Irelia. 12. No matter how close the battle, it was easy. 12.1 ggez 13. Bard is love. Bard is life. 14. If rito nerfs your main, they don't understand balance. 15. If rito doesn't nerfs anyone who is not your main, they don't understand balance. 16. Report noob support. 17. Trinkets are free. 18. Warding is the support's job. 19. Veigar is a *little* evil. 20. Praise the sun. 20.1 Praise the moon. 20.2 Those who praise the moon are heretics. 20.3 heresy is underrated. 21. Demacia. 22. DEMACIA! 23. Noxus? 24. **DEMACIA!** 25. Han shot first. 26. Anime was a mistake. Much like me. 27. Yordles are not sexy. No exceptions. 28. Miss Fortune is always sexy. No exceptions. 29. The Urgod is the most beautiful of all. 30. Nothing is original. 31. Nothing is original. 32. Everything said in Falconshield's "This is War" series is canon. 33. It's okay to call Morgana "mommy". 34. Nobody likes Zoe. 35. Every time you get a kill with Rek'Sai, you MUST say "Rek't" in all chat, no matter the situation. 35.1 If you die to Ezreal, you must say "The Struggle Ezreal" 36. If you eat broccoli, you become Faker. 37. **T** 38. **S** 39. **M** 40. NA can't win worlds. No exceptions. 41. Teemo is why we can't have nice things. 42. Miss Fortune is not a support. 43. If you rush deathcap, you are not a support. No exceptions. 43.1 Unless you are Lux. Or Brand. 44. The Unbenched Kench is the Deadliest. 45. Malphite hard counters Camille, as rock > scissors. 46. The only ship that is acceptable is Ahri X Sona. For scientific reasons. 47. Everyone can be shipped with Ahri. 48. If you have no AP scaling, don't build AP. No exceptions. 48.1 Unless you are Wizard Garen. 49. If you got banned, it was probably unfair. Better make a post about it. 50. Do not chase Singed.

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