Riot expects me to pay 150€ for a chroma.

I've purchased the MSI Trials Pass when it came out, been playing like a normal human being to earn MSI Tokens. Downed approx 250 into champion shards and am sitting on roughly 660 MSI Tokens rn. Lux's Prestige Edition costs 2000 MSI Tokens. I've got roughly 2 weeks left to waste my lifetime getting 1400 MSI Tokens through my Pass. Let's say I can earn another 600 MSI Tokens in that time, I would still have to down 100€ into buying 800 MSI Tokens through the bundles. Riot designed this to be only achieveable by those who have no life or are willing to pay 100€ for a single chroma. I know you need money, you are a company, but this is just disgusting. I wanna be rewarded for playing a game. Either with virtual goodies or with having fun. This is rewarding for those who do nothing else but play and I get that the prestige editions are for players that are comitted to the game. But I've been playing this game since S2, does that not count as commitment? Adjust the price please.
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