If League champs were bands

{{champion:268}} Emperor {{champion:104}} Job for a Cowboy {{champion:203}} Lamb of God {{champion:61}} Iron Maiden {{champion:4}} Mercyful Fate {{champion:60}} Spider {{champion:102}} Dragonforce {{champion:17}} Mushroomhead {{champion:8}} Bloodbath {{champion:25}} Morbid Angel {{champion:157}} Cancer {{champion:30}} Suicidal Tendencies {{champion:350}} Garbage {{champion:9}} Scarecrow {{champion:56}} Dream Theater {{champion:103}} Tool (if you know, you know) {{champion:89}} Bring me the Horizon {{champion:41}} Alestorm {{champion:122}} Slayer {{champion:222}} Jayke Orvis & Broken Band (minus the Jayke Orvis & Band part) {{champion:427}} The Screaming Trees {{champion:29}} Of Mice & Men {{champion:238}} Shadow Falls {{champion:223}} Limp Bizkit (the joke was that both suck ass) I probably missed a lot as its hard to come up with these sometimes, so please comment any ideas if you have any
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