In honor of Yuumi, the Magical Cat

[]( {{champion:517}} the Mage with Trauma {{champion:145}} the Woman in Void Pajamas {{champion:518}} the Curious Chameleon {{champion:141}} the Guy with the Scythe {{champion:142}} the Very Old Kid {{champion:497}} the Colorful Bird {{champion:498}} the Edgy Bird {{champion:555}} the Delusional Ghost {{champion:516}} the Smith Goat {{champion:427}} the Jolly Tree {{champion:202}} the Psycho in the Iron Mask {{champion:240}} the Loud Yordle {{champion:429}} the Vengeful Granny Ghost {{champion:203}} the Failed Dual Champion Concept {{champion:203}} the Lamb and the Voice of the Wolf {{champion:203}} the Lamb and her Talking Fart-cloud {{champion:203}} the Lamb Really {{champion:420}} the My Handball-playing Working Out Sister when I make fun of her {{champion:420}} the Preacheress with the Totem {{champion:164}} the Bearer of the Condescending Form of British Accent {{champion:164}} the Lady with Hair but no Beard and also Scissor Legs {{champion:164}} the Lady that has Major Problems Buying any Pants {{champion:164}} the Steel Legs {{champion:432}} the Musical Santa {{champion:136}} the Dragon but in Space {{champion:136}} the Dragons Can Into Space {{champion:268}} the Imperial Bird
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