Laughing Fish’s Birthday Spectacular: Come and get your free skins!

# Closed - Thanks for playing! We didn't make it to 200 upvotes, but there were a ton of comments and we we not that far off. So what will happen is the first 2 winners will get mystery *chests* which contain a random skin valued at 975RP+, while the third winner will receive just a mystery skin, which could be any (including low value), as a third slot wasn't *quite* unlocked. ------- # Winners 1: Oleandervine - **Prize sent!** 2: Sona Ping - **Prize sent!** 3: YogurtZombie - **Prize sent!** ----------- It’s my birthday ladies and gentlemen! And to celebrate, I am giving out free skins!!!![/img] 25 years on this planet, and my time here has been my most successful accomplishment! Who needs friends, a relationship, or a reason to wake up in the morning, when you can get a ton of useless internet points on a fading mid sized video game forum, am I right? Of course I am right! So let the party begin! Just reply to this thread with a gif of someone partying or dancing, and tomorrow I will select people at random to give mystery skins to (I will make a list of everyone who entered, then use a random number generate to pick from the list). It’s that simple! If you don’t know how to post gifs to the boards, check out the [Posting Images and Gifs on the Boards]( guide I wrote (but don’t get credited for even though I did all the work, while someone else gets titled “specialist”) for help![/img] But wait! There’s more! Despite being intrinsically worthless, receiving useless internet points temporarily makes me feel like I am not completely alone, and that my life has meaning (before reality comes crashing back down, leaving me completely empty). And what better present could you give me then that? So, as this post receives upvotes (going by gross number of votes, not net. So downvotes have zero effect on this), I will give out more skins![/img] * At 100 upvotes, I will give out a second skin! * At 200, I will give out a third skin! * And at 300, I will give out a fourth skin! Anything above four is ugly as I’ve learned from Jhin, so I will stop there. 4 is the perfect number after all. ------------------------- So that’s enough pointless rambling. Let’s get started[/img] ------- Edit: Ayyy the second mystery skin has been unlocked! I tried to answer everyone who posted, but alas there were a lot and I may have missed a few. So thank you to everyone! All this attention temporarily allowed me to pretend anyone *actually* cares about me or would miss me when I die!
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