We Honor the Champs that Died in 2018

Farewell {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:102}}. You never even had the dignity of a good story like when they killed {{champion:41}} and removed him from the game. Your crime was being a "boring" champ that was unfortunately picked in an LCS game which is against the ratings rules or in Shyvana's case, trying to powerfarm in the scuttle meta. Good luck in the season 9 pre-season where you will have to survive against aoe double true damage from mobile fighters with the omega runes. And we remember the ones who were already dead {{champion:421}} {{champion:111}} . On the flip side, we got to know {{champion:104}} very well having him be part of every game for the second year in a row, ensuring that most of us have yet to see a jungler not named Graves or Lee Sin in their game for the past 6 years.

Estamos testando uma nova função que dá a opção de exibir os comentários da discussão em ordem cronológica. Alguns participantes notaram situações em que mostraram que uma exibição linear possa ser mais útil, então gostaríamos de saber como vocês a usariam.

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