How Ahri players see League of Legends (Alphabetically)

{{champion:266}} too much healing, nerf q knock up duration {{champion:103}} perfectly balanced, a bit underpowered , needs a huge buff on every ability and 3 new skins imo {{champion:84}} 3 dashes on ult, what kind of broken champion has those? {{champion:12}} too much cc and tankiness {{champion:32}} broken jungler with a billion damage and no counterplay {{champion:34}} stun broken, ult + e no skill one shot {{champion:1}} easiest champ in the game, can 100 to 0 with no effort {{champion:22}} too much damage and cc {{champion:136}} so much damage from a passive, nerf e mobility,ult range and damage {{champion:268}} unlimited range poke with get out of jail card, needs to be nerfed imo {{champion:432}} his mobility is too high, as well as damage, utility and tankiness {{champion:53}} grab is broken, 0.5 seconds silence is OP {{champion:63}} cc with % health damage,needs to be gutted on every single ability {{champion:201}} cancer cc with stun and knock up, shield is OP cause it blocks skillshots {{champion:51}} too much range and damage, nerf plz {{champion:164}} her ult makes you unable to leave, I'd say make it so it doesn't trap you {{champion:69}} miasma blocks dashes = broken champion {{champion:31}} ult one shots from full hp (the only thing they are right about) {{champion:42}} physical and magic damage, a dash and long range ults. NERF {{champion:122}} 1600 true damage r late game, make it do 100 physical damage total with 5 passive stacks {{champion:131}} champion with a dash that resets and can dash twice? only broken champs have more than 1 dash. {{champion:36}} cleavers too strong, healing from ult is broken. {{champion:119}} 100 to 0 with 1 auto when being 0/10 {{champion:245}} healing and dashing, is there anything more broken in the game? {{champion:60}} immunity, cc, damage, scales too hard into lategame {{champion:28}} invisible one shots with 0 counterplay {{champion:81}} most broken adc out of all, his q does 1000 damage in lane phase {{champion:9}} cc and healing too strong,just make his q not fear targets(and do nothing) and it will be OK {{champion:114}} can block charm, therefore needs to be nerfed {{champion:105}} zhonya's on e, can hit ult on immobile champs like ahri easily {{champion:3}} tank that does a billion damage {{champion:41}} no counterplay early game, can get out of charm with W {{champion:86}} spin to win braindead champion {{champion:150}} range form OP. melee from too much crowd control {{champion:79}} his damage is too high, make his ult not knockback and his q not slow and half the damage on them. {{champion:104}} mobility and bust damage, things i hate in league {{champion:120}} nerf movespeed,make his ult not fear and do damage and make him displacable during it {{champion:74}} nerf turrets and missiles and bombs {{champion:420}} when she hits an e i am dead {{champion:39}} 10 second stun on e {{champion:427}} shields and a blue buff attacking me, nerf him {{champion:40}} nerf shields,heal,movepseed,damage,slow on w,base stats,skin splash arts etc. {{champion:59}} his e q skillshot combo has no counterplay {{champion:24}} blocks all autos, so he is fine cause i ahri doesnt auto , but nerf all of his other abilities {{champion:126}} poke and burst are things one champ can't have both in their kit. {{champion:202}} remove his 4th shot, w root, r slow and damage and he will be balanced {{champion:222}} remove her e and w and dont replace them {{champion:429}} rend casually does 100 thousand damage on level 1(im not overreacting) {{champion:43}} shields and movespeed with damage in her kit, i'd say remove all of them and she will be less OP {{champion:30}} r to win,make his r not deal damage and he will be bearable to play versus {{champion:38}} yet another champion with free dashes, those champions should be removed {{champion:55}} mobility and burst, idk who thought this would be a good idea, she has NO COUNTERPLAY NERF PLZ {{champion:10}} make her ult heal 10 hp to whoever she casts it on instead of immunity {{champion:141}} remove wall walking,dash,slow, untrargetability and he will be little less OP {{champion:85}} too much cc,make it so he can't stun someone for more than once in every game. {{champion:121}} one shots me with 1 q when im not isolated when he has 6 tank items {{champion:203}} can't kill anyone in their ult, also too much damage, broken champion if u ask me {{champion:240}} he has a free tower reset and a looney tunes music engage, nerf him {{champion:96}} high attack speed and mobility {{champion:7}} 2 fucking dashes in one single champion that do an insane amount of damage, enough being said here {{champion:64}} level 2 camper, he can level 2 dive me from full hp and get out {{champion:89}} 3 stuns,remove them {{champion:127}} zhonya's on ult, cc and damage out of control {{champion:236}} lucian mid is the most braindead thing in the game {{champion:117}} shields and knock ups with polymorph, make it so that she can only slow by 2% with every ability {{champion:99}} hits a bind im dead, hitting one single ability equaling death shouldn't be a thing {{champion:54}} nerf his ult, he is way too useful even when it's not up though. {{champion:90}} press r to win {{champion:57}} cc lockdown while having fed assassins' damage {{champion:11}} nerf his q untargetability, his movespeed,damage,base stats and scalings {{champion:21}} another press r to win with 0 skill required champion {{champion:82}} his damage and mobility is too high {{champion:25}} 1 q= leaver buster with an e that makes people immune to charm, remove that ability {{champion:267}} bubble+ult combo too strong {{champion:75}} afk farming top lane and comes to 100 to 0 everyone by 20 minutes {{champion:111}} CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC {{champion:76}} 1 spear that can't be dodged = 90% of my hp {{champion:56}} presses r and i am dead {{champion:20}} movespeed god with attack speed slows, ahri doesnt auto attack so this is fine, but his ult damage is broken AF {{champion:2}} when on R can't be charmed...OP {{champion:61}} shields and no skill ulti {{champion:516}} most broken champion in the game, idk why riot is buffing him with that insane winrate he has... {{champion:80}} passive is fine, it blocks autos but remove his stun and ult {{champion:78}} i can't spirit rush in her w, NERF PLZ {{champion:133}} high mobility and one shot potential with little to no skill required, pick or ban in solo Q and LCS {{champion:497}} his ult can charm, like how is this broken kind of cc even in the game? {{champion:33}} one shots me when full tank, otherwise it's fine cause he stacks armor and ahri is AP {{champion:421}} HE is so broken atm, immunity in ultimate!!! {{champion:58}} full tank that can one shot people {{champion:107}} pops out of nowhere and one shots me when he is feeding {{champion:92}} holy shit why are champion dashes even a thing in this game? {{champion:68}} he burns everything with q and r while having a broken shield {{champion:13}} pick or ban champion,90% winrate, idk why riot is even buffing that crap bs OP champ {{champion:113}} can cc lock me and one shot me in the duration of it {{champion:35}} invisibility and a clone making ability are broken, shaco needs a nerf {{champion:98}} ult can save teammates which is bs cause why is there counterplay to ahri in the game?????? {{champion:102}} can't be charmed when she is ulting, make her charm-able {{champion:27}} can't use spirit rush in W= broken champ {{champion:14}} tank with a lot of damage that should be nerfed {{champion:15}} spell shield can block charm pls nerf sivir {{champion:72}} movespeed and shields are too high, no wonder he has been S tier jungler in LCS {{champion:37}} her healing is insane as well as her damage and should be nerfed {{champion:16}} too many heals and a broken af silence {{champion:50}} can't use spirit rush in w, he heals for a lot of ahri's damage when ulting so he should be gutted {{champion:134}} press r to win with 0 counterplay whatsoever {{champion:223}} oppressive champion that eats people when they are charmed, remove him PLZ PLZ {{champion:163}} insane damage in a champion that takes **absolutely no skill to play** {{champion:91}} 25% of first bloods, make him unable to get a kill before anyone else does {{champion:44}} AoE kayle ult so broken plz nerf taric he is too manly and broken {{champion:17}} his shrooms deal 100000 damage with 23 ap {{champion:412}} 1 q= death, his ult one shots ppl, insanely tanky with high dps in lategame {{champion:18}} unmatchable lategame with 0 counterplay, nerf everything on that champ {{champion:48}} he runs too fast to hit charm on him, nerf his movespeed and damage {{champion:23}} can't kill him for 5 seconds, I'd say make his ult last 0.015 seconds and he will be close to not OP {{champion:4}} no counterplay cc one shots {{champion:29}} pops out of stealth and kills me in .1 seconds while being tanky AF {{champion:77}} runs too fast to hit skillshots, also can shield my damage, nerf udyr {{champion:6}} 25% hp execute on a point and click ultimate?Nerf PLZ PLZ PLZ {{champion:110}} poke too hard, make his q have melee range {{champion:67}} stealth and mechanics to dodge skillshots while killing ppl in 1 auto attack {{champion:45}} press r to win {{champion:161}} press r to win with 4 point and click spells {{champion:254}} one r= me dead {{champion:112}} 1 shots wave with 1 ability that does damage at first and a few seconds later as well {{champion:8}} can't hit abilities when he pools, make his pool just slow vlad and deal no dmg while he is unable to use spells {{champion:106}} when are the voli nerfs coming RITO OMG PLZ {{champion:19}} his fear is obnoxious to play against with 0 counterplay, also he can follow dashes like spirit rush {{champion:62}} stealthy one shots 0 counterplay {{champion:498}} she looks like ahri so she needs some buffs and 5/6 weeb skins {{champion:101}} can't dodge his abilities. it's like they are point and click, nerf hitboxes {{champion:5}} healing and dps'ing too much {{champion:157}} mobility, windwall, knock up, damage, I could go on on this guy for 5/6 hours to tell you how broken he is with 0 counterplay {{champion:83}} his ghouls are broken AF {{champion:154}} can't move for ages when he uses the point and click e on me {{champion:238}} that champ is so busted it's insane, he can't lose lane to any champion and has the strongest teamfighting in the game out of any midlaner {{champion:115}} allahu akbars my team and has 0 counterplay {{champion:26}} revives people, bombs deal 1000000 damage {{champion:143}} too much damage and tankiness, nerf her damage by 3/4 Also {{item:3155}} is broken AF. Why can't everything in the game be balanced like {{item:3157}} {{summoner:3}} ?
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