Yasuo mains are more chill than Karma mains in boards

Karma mains literally don't give a fuck at all. They want their champion to be perfect 100%. When they literally Root you and kill you with R Q faster than Rengar. They never show in boards, but somehow you see 800 karma main upvoting a post complaining about Karma that she can't oneshot anymore MEANWHILE she still oneshots anyone. At least Yasuo players admit that their champion is OP. These Karma players don't care, I gave my opinion yesterday about her and the most respectful way and jeez I got -30 downvote in 10 hours. TL;DR : Karma mains are more cancerous in boards than Yasuo/Akali/Rengara... mains. They just deny everything just to make sure their champion can be playable in every lane, even in jungle they don't care. Other people discuss, Karma mains don't care. PS : Mods, this is a joke as you can see, Its not a deathwish, read carefully PS 2 : I'm a Kayn main
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