Can we have a blatantly "ugly" male/female in the game?

Honestly, I want Riot to create a character that's so grotesque, I have difficulty imagining r34 content for that character. Seriously, some of the character's write themselves in terms of r34, and it doesn't even pertain to their lore. Sylar is buff and half naked. Half the job is already done for the artists. Zoe is canonically thousands of years old. FBI bullet dodged, artists continue to draw. Dr Mundo is a sadist, who spends his life torturing zaunites while eating toenails....yet he has an 8 pack...? _New kayle quite literally strips down in game, making me unsure whether this is hentai haven or league of legends._ Give me something grotesque, something impossible to lewd. Like take reksai, for example. She has excellent lore, no sexuality, and if i look up r34, I have regret, not surprised pleasure ( and it should be noted any "good" r34 of her is humanoid). Give me warts. Give me flabs. Give me rotted teeth. Give me mismatched arm lengths. Have one of their eyes drip out of their sockets. Give me mixmatched boobs. I really want to see a champion who's design is so grotesque, that I can't help but love. ....but then again, in the year 2019, I'm sure that creating such a character would trigger someone out there, and cause the community to cry.
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