Illaoi Voice Lines through 5 Layers of Google Translate

Here are some of Illaoi's voice lines through 5 layers of google translate. I'm sorry I haven't done any of these in a while, enjoy! **Game Start** "Right now, the teacher dies, but - they have to be confused and I can not dig." **Attacking** "It's too fast." "You are the daily offer." "No, not for the first time!" "We have to understand it, I do not have teeth. **Movement** "It ends in one of two ways - driving and winning." "I'm a pastor, I do not know Bilgewater." "Enjoy ... and learn food. "Everyone has a drawing here, until one face in the face." "Sitting, dying. Change is good." "How can I love you only?" Many die. I am eligible for new ways of life. " "A girl with ears, Nagakubor without a name? "I appreciate this - with the grill." **Taunt** Be careful with your mouth and duck, and breathing. " "The picture, a girl that can be destroyed and everything you have in mind." Taunt Demacian "Cooking, false rules, is this prosecution true?" **Taunt Shadow Isles Champ** "Sorry to cause real death." "Will I be challenging? Ha, ha, ha, ha, no ... my fear of death." **When Champ Becomes Vessel** "God does not want to succumb, I want to fight". "It is an energy energy produced by the spinter that becomes possible on the form where electricity flows in the future." Buying Item "Only a living thing that lives ...". Hope you enjoyed. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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