Changed up the visual design of our sales posts. What do you think?

Hey guys, If you pop over to [the most recent sales post]( you may notice that it looks different than [our sales up to this point]( Upgrading the layout of our sales posts is something my team has wanted to do for a while since we publish them twice a week, but it took a while to finish a sales redesign between evaluation of heavier content, where ineffective layouts present a higher risk. Our primary goal with the redesign was to make the posts **efficient** and **informative**. Here are a few of the changes we've made: * Called out the 50% discount rate * Converted the names of champions into links to their information pages * Added lightboxing to all images * Reorganized the champion section to 1 row x 3 columns Let us know how the new look is working out for you! I've attached a side-by-side of the old sales layout and the new one for easier comparison. *Warning: The fullsize image is 2160 x 2940 px (2.4 MB)*
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