Is it just a bureaucracy?

It slightly bothers me that they never bother to spend any time with their child. They dress her up in skins that make her have bigger boobs and a tighter ass because Benjamin is all they really want. They never bother to care for her needs or spend time loving her. Her teeth are starting to rot and her skin is getting wrinkly but as long as a new skin can bring in Benjamin Riot won't bother fixing their child. Riot doesn't care because they know college boys will pay to see boobs and ass even if she is starting to age. Someday she will be too old and a more attractive girl that will steal away all those college boys. Riot will try to save their child by making her big boobs free but alas Riot has ignored and neglected her for too long. She has too many flaws and now another has taken Benjamin away too. When she was in her prime Riot couldn't see past Benjamin to fix the simple problems like bad teeth and sagging skin and now Riot is just the owner of a girl with hundreds and hundreds of skins that won't sell anymore. Riot please take better care of your child. Fix her mangled hair and wrinkled skin before it is too late.

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