Challenger Rewards account sweep in progress

It's been a while since the season ended, so as an update, here’s where we are in the Challenger rewards distribution process. As mentioned in the [Challenger Rewards intro post](, we’re checking each qualifying account for win trading, elo boosting, toxicity, scripting, and other behavior that violates the Summoner’s Code. This process will take a few weeks. Accounts that are ineligible for in-game rewards will also be ineligible for the Challenger physical rewards. **If an account is ineligible, both physical and in-game rewards will pass down to the next eligible individual or team on the list. ** When the review wraps up in December, players who earned rewards will be notified via their account’s [verified email address]( This will include instructions for how to claim rewards, and players will have roughly one month from the time of the email to confirm their details. We’ll have another update when the emails are ready to go out!
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