Rammus: Better or worse in Season 7

I know this is a wierd champion to talk about coming into season 7, as there's still going to be so many better Junglers, but I just love Rammus <3 With the new armor masteries, and Courage of the Colossus, as well as Knights Voice potentially being decent on him, and the amount of ad champs that are going to be played thanks to the new items I at first felt like he would be a better champion.**However**, then I remembered that Edge of night gives MR and a spell shield. A common core right now from what I've seen is Edge of night + Maw. With these 2 items you would ignore all the base damage from Rammus W (Only the damage from Thorn mail+10% armour will apply. Basically his whole kit will do even less damage now. However, due to these 2 items I feel likeAP champions are going to be played less, meaning less things to break through my armordillo friend as easily. Do you guys think he's going to be a better Jungler, or a worse Jungler?(Yes, I know he's not to great anyways but I feel like there are still far worse choices) INB4 PLAY ON PBE NOOB, I don't own a PBE account okay?
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