PSA: Scams making the rounds again! Hello friends! I'm hearing a lot of chatter about a certain scam (or few) going around. The usual suspects are popping up with promises of free RP, free skins, etc. Please **DO NOT** click on these links! What these websites tend to do instead is log your credentials and steal your account. They can also appear harmless, but may have malicious scripts running the background. If you’ve visited any suspicious websites, I would strongly suggest you go ahead and scan your computer with your preferred antivirus program. Any promotions or events ran will be announced and confirmed by Riot --,, or _**Q: But I entered my username and password into this website! Should I change my password?**_ > A: **YES**! Please change your password immediately. You can change your password by logging into your account management and clicking on change password. _**Q: I was sent a suspicious link from a friend I trust but I don’t recognize it, what should I do?**_ > A: USE CAUTION! If it’s not hosted on one of the websites above, we cannot ensure your computer’s security if you visit them. Remember, facechecking the web is dangerous, so use your best judgement. Be sure to have your antivirus programs up-to-date. If you cannot log into your account at all, you can recover your password by using the password recovery [here]( Still having issues? Please contact [Player Support]( We also have an extensive Knowledge Base article available with additional tips and tricks on what you can do to ensure your [account is secure]( Please give [this]( a thorough read if you have a chance! PS. Thank you for reading this far :) UPDATE! New support article updated regarding scams/phishing! Check it out [here](! Fun video too!
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