Should I keep playing Zac after his rework?

I've been a jg since S7 and used to main Varus before that, then I mained shaco but after his constant nerfs and buffs I quit him, went 2 months trying to find a champ I like till someone reccomended me Zac. I've been playing Zac for a month now, I have 40k mastery points on him and M6 and a 75% wr in Ranked with him. I love this champ so much but I'm very scared about the rework, can anyone tell me if this new ult is going to be a good or a bad thing? I know his Q is gonna be fucking op so i'll make sure to use that while its OP but the only thing I am scared about is his ult. I haven't decided whether to main Zac or not till I test out his rework, I don't have a PBE account so I can't really test it out till it comes out offically, anyone wanna give me some words of assurance? or tell me the ups and downs so I don't feel so scared of the new rework. I've climbed from B4 to B2 (Im on promos to b1) and I feel like i'm very good with him for a bronzie, I really don't want that to end x_x
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