Servers in Africa

You saw the title, and you were intrigued. Now, let me put this into context: (Skip to after the numbered parts for the gude stuff) Many people (and don't lie, you probably subconsciously think this as well) think Africa is just a cesspool of poor, thin, black people. You couldn't be any more wrong. 1.) First of all, don't really think Africa. Think of all the different areas, each with their own distinct cultures and 200+ native languages to boot. Notice how I don't say countries, and instead I saw areas. This is because when Europe cut the cake that was Africa, they did a very poor job of it. Many countries share similar cultures across borders. 2.) Secondly, all people in Africa aren't poor. Sure, there is widespread poverty, but isn't that the case in most countries? Just go to a local soup kitchen you'll see what I mean. There are bustling cities, some of the biggest in the world. They are smart, educated, well fed (don't let the commercials fool you, we have food, and good stuff, too.) There might be poverty, but there are many middle class families trying to make it in the developing economies of their respective countries 3.) Believe it or not, not everyone in Africa is black! There are white people in South Africa (they call themselves Afrikaners; they were the guys who did apartheid, remember?). There are also Middle-eastern folk in North African countries like Egypt and Libya. Now, you might ask me, 'Boy, you've been beating around the bush. What do you want?' Well, I want some African servers. And not just one, because I live on the East Coast and I know the pain (100 ping consistently). Maybe 5 servers: Sahara (North Africa), West Africa, East Africa, the Congo Central Africa, and South Africa. And before you call me out, Africa is big. We're gonna need a few serves. Maybe even 3 would be fine. There are gamers in Africa. Game companies usually ignore the continent, and I don't know why. There is a big player base to be tapped into (And even more people who would do it for the money). In conclusion, don't leave my beloved country in the dark. Help them modernize. Bring Servers to Africa. {{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:121}} Edit 1: tbh, I'm going to Cameroon to see the fam in December, right when s6 starts. I wanted to start ranked, especially before school starts up again. Kinda selfish I know (ps I'm from Cameroon) Edit 2: I know, this is really wishful thinking, and very long term. I just hope Riot puts it in their head as something to do in the future Edit 3: If you come here to be racist just go to the KKK's website i'm sure they need recruits:
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