Tips for dealing with depression?

2 days ago i was permanently banned for toxic behavior. I completely live up to my mistakes and I accept that i was warned ample times before hand. Whats done is done. I sent out a ticket to maybe try and get it reduced but who am i kidding whatre the odds of that lol. But no im not here for that, i'm here for any possible IRL advice because after my perma ban an old bad foe ive dealt with a long time came back, depression. League has genuienly become an addiction for me since i started playing. I live sleep eat and drink league its on my mind all day long. I poured $750 into my account before i lost it all because i was so obsessed with this game. And now that its taken away from me i genuinely feel lost all together I understand this may get downvoted to hell but if theres anyone, even a single person who could maybe give some advice or how i can deal with all of this mentally I would be forever and ever in your debt and be so appreciative.. Just some advice on how to get over this.. sadness thats eating at me all day long..
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