Look what I just rolled

http://imgur.com/a/9Yg4M 1520 orange essence to perma unlock Zombie Brand, 607 if I sell him. Hextech Anivia 450 perma, 250 money back. Commando Garen 220 perma, 173 money back. 1. 136 + 607 = 743 I could get both commando and hextech skins. 2. 136 + 250 + 220 = 606 I'd have quite a bit of grinding to do in order to obtain Zombie Brand which I reeeeally want. (1 Hextech Chest available, next in 2 days...) 3. Reroll all 3 into 1 permanent skin with the chance of getting some crap skin on somebody I already have skins on (I have no Anivia or Garen skins) or the chance of rolling a decent to legendary skin such as Udyr Ezreal or the Zombie Brand I want anyway.
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