My one question about Karthus's book in the Pentakill music video...

A few people have been talking about how on Karthus's book he asks whether or not PK Kayle has a BF, (ayy good for you man :P ), but I've got my own question: (Here's the full list) "Pick up dry cleaning Nail salon (mani pedi) Rotate tires Rotate mid Vanquish enemies Find out where those minions keep coming from Think about entire life Think about entire death Kayle have a boyfriend?" I'm looking at the 3rd entry here.... Hold up, Karthus has a CAR? And before yall say it's the Pentakill tour bus, I'm just gonna say right now, There ain't a tour bus in the WORLD that can hold someone like Mordekaiser... Also, this just made me think: Yo, what kind of Car does Karthus even have?!? Now I need someone to draw up a picture of Karthus car :P (maybe have it change designs based on his skins?) ... Now I'm thinking about what a League of Legends Kart racer game would look like, RITO PLS
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