"Every Game Is Winnable"

Get in champ select, everyone is super nice, but one guy doesn't talk. Waits till after ban and asks "Hey, can I support?" I as the support, and them as the jungle, I say "Usually I'd be fine, but I'm really bad at jungling, is the only role I don't play in ranked and main support". They didn't respond or say anything else until it is his/her turn to pick. So I lock in Alistar, mid locks in Talon. So far so good. We get to jungle, he locks in Morgana and goes "I'm going support". Instantly, we are like...uh....no. So mid being the bro they are says "it's fine, I'll jungle, Morg you can mid, I assume you don't want to jungle". Morg says nothing, everyone else picks as normal. We get in game, I buy my items, go bot. Morg buys {{item:3302}} and runs bot and sits in bot bush. So we are like, fuck. So I do the best thing I can think, fuck it I'll go mid, Talon already has smite, he jungles. Then Morg proceeds to troll bot, trying to take all the cs from the adc, and just randomly keeps shooting their Q on cooldown at their own tower. Hits level 8, runs mid and sits right in the middle of the lane shooting Qs at our tower, then afks for the rest of the game at around lvl 10 (thank god the enemy mid laner was too busy being bm to me to kill Morg). ------------------ Every game is NOT winnable, and while I'm okay with losing, I'm not when the game starts at a handicap with someone that manages to troll, int, AND afk, all in one giant moron. People like this are why I also have no faith in riot's ban system, because this guy is clearly a troll.
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