Hello everyone this is my main... It is currently Perma banned.

Is there anyway to reverse this to riot games? I've learned a valuable lesson: Never type or press enter in Bronze - Gold/Low plat. I'm reformed and I'm prepared to never spend a dollar again on league of legends , if my main doesn't get unbanned. I spent over $1,000 on this account and I'm baffled that this account was banned. I was honestly quiet all the time for the most part. Since I didn't want to get my main account with 1k on it banned. Then one game nobody tries you know the usual troll team that just wants to troll in Rank . I gave them a few short words and boom. There goes my main... Soooo , soooo , sooo unfair . Everyone I speak to that plays league tells me , wow they banned you for that? That's really bad of them to do that. " You should try to sue the company." I obviously don't want to do that. I just want to play league of my main account again.
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