Discussion: Should IP bans be used on everyday folks?

Please call me out if they already are, I’ll delete this post and move on. **Point 1** Everyone’s had a troll, on the enemy or your own team. Some of them do it for one game out of spite, big deal. Just punish’em. There are people who make hundreds of accounts just to ruin people’s lives. **Point 2** Ban baiters are a thing. It is the person which gets baited that is at fault, but if someone is maliciously abusing the game to get people banned, I don’t think they exactly should be playing. **point 3** Too much bad behaviour. Anyone has a chance to reform, even my man Tyler did. If someone is not trolling, but rather has a high ban streak (10+) i think at that point, they needn’t be part of the community. Am I too harsh? Too lenient/strict? Let me know. Cheers.
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