Tilt: i need help, i'm desperate!

Hi! It took me a while to actually decide to seek help for my current situation, but i really, REALLY need this. So, basically in the last few weeks, i tilt extremely much in the majority of my games: for example when i'm playing jungle and feel all the pressure for my role, or when i'm doing some kind of combo and i screw up something (like missing a point-blank skillshot or seeing that somehow i didn't put ignite on the enemy even though i actually tried to use it, etc. etc.), just to say what happens most of the time. All of this woudn't be a big problem per se, but as i said lately there is always something that makes me tilt, then i play even worse and all of this spirals out of control. This is not about the enemy making me tilt (i always have global chat disabled and if i need to i also mute emotes), it's not about my teammates (i play with my premades almost 100% of my games, and luckily i can still manage to not flame them, especially beacuse they don't deserve it, plus they don't flame me too); it's all about ME. I would like to know how i can stay calm and avoid this because it's really ruining my experience with the game: i think this would allow me to play a little better (but that's not the focus) while also making me a better teammate for my friend and for randoms alike, and considering everything, i love this game and i won't give it up because of a bad period, so i want to have fun while playing it. Please let me know what did you do if this ever happend to you, or tell me anything that you think might help in this situation... Thank you for reading this, have a nice day! {{sticker:sg-soraka}} TLDR: NOPE! Get back up and read it all... ^^^^
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