Riot- are you planning on adding a "disable allied pings" option?

I think it would be a great addition. 90% of pings nowadays are unhelpful spam that screams "I want to flame you but I dont want to risk my account". And since it's so widely used and accepted by the community in this manner, I think a disable allied pings option is a must. Before people say- "what about helpful pings?". Imo you lose less by muting pings than chat. Most pings are obvious and can be discerned by being observant(such as people missing or on the way, or even flashes if you use f keys), but you can't really ping "heads up we are rotating top after we take this tower and shove in the next 2 waves" in any clear way. Either way, you dont lose enough for it to not be beneficial to players who want either option. Edit: I wasn't clear in my main post, I'm talking about a feature similar to the disable allied chat setting they just added.
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