Rioters and PB Board

I miss the good ole days when Riot posts were commonly seen on the behavior forums. Years ago you could almost always count on a Rioter stepping in and clearing up some non sense on a regular bases, it got to the point where you eagerly awaited a "smiting", knowing full well one was incomming. Now a days this board contains a plethora of posts and posters that keep spreading their talking points and has become an echo chamber. They added mods, which perhaps they thought was a good substitute, but at best they provide calmness, and at worst are seen as Riot cheerleaders with an agenda. The last red post was 19 days ago, the previous one 27 days. Solution: Add Riot to "Brahmoarqqplox" and i'll do the smiting that should never have left. Hell i'll do it for minimum wage. Get at me Tantram.
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