I am sick and tired of trolls and intentional feeders not getting punished because they don't talk

I am fucking disgusted by this. The amount of passive trolls and intentional feeders I have encountered the past few days is becoming a reason for me to quit the game. It is making me tilt because after the reports I check their account and they just keep playing the game and doing the same shit. Seriously, Riot needs to step up and do something about this. When you say a couple of bad words in chat you get banned but when you passively int. and troll nothing happens. I am Honor level 2 with all 3 checkpoints completed but the fact that I see these people are getting away with trolling in my games is making me toxic. I am starting to retaliate and that is something I don't want to. Last game I had a Brand support in my team who started to flame me as the jungler because they lost their lane. After that he started to troll me in my jungle following me to all my camps and trying to take them/succeeding. The rest of the game he was more preocuppied with following me and trolling me and farming the lanes that he stopped helping the team. He literally said he wanted me to lose the game and he didn't care any more. He kept on playing but was trolling and was passive aggresive in chat with a bit of flame so the system didn't ban him. He didn't defend towers, he didn't help his teammates he was genuily playing with the goal to ruin and lose the game for us. We reported him but nothing happened. I can add more examples. Yesterday I had two midlaners who started to 'run it down mid' because they lost their lane and someone aksed to play safe and stop feeding. Literally all 9 players reported them and I checked their accounts and they are still playing and doing the same shit. Scores like 1-13-0 after 18 minutes isn't normal and they have multiple of those games in their game history. Can someone from Riot explain to me why these players are not getting properly punished? I can add links to the games. *First Edit: Just played a game with a Nami support who flamed his co-laner all game, flamed the enemy team, started trolling and intentionally feeding saying he didn't care. Afked at fountain after using flash and ult in it and kept trashtalking some more and laughing at how we were strughling with the game playing 4 vs 5. *Second edit: LOL just received a notification and the player got banned. He instantly went offline while he was talking to me. Good riddance.
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