The Ban Of Ryzid

Dear Riot Team, Hello and I would like to say happy 10 years! To start my post off I just wanted to say its amazing at where this company has gone! Okay now to the discussion. My account has been banned over a year ago. Yes, I had somewhat toxic behavior but I know I'm not the one who gets to decide but I feel it was wrong due to no warning. Most of the time in chat that I was toxic was to my own friends as a joke to get a reaction. I will say i feel as a person I have matured but I know my intentions were pure. I could give the sad story of how I spent time and money investing in that account but even now I feel the mature thing would be to appeal. This post means alot to me and yes it would suck if I got banned for good but is there any way to reform or prove that im worthy. Thank you for your time and i hope we can come to agreeable terms! Happy 10

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