"I dont gank feeding Lanes" (Aka: "Not my lane, Not my problem")

Then you dont get to flame top laner for: A) Leaving lane (because you like calling everything Intentionally feeding) B) fed enemy top laner coming down to feed off other lanes. So you have a heavily aggressive tryndamere top, Able to harrass and chip away and then even kill me under tower (clearly a smurf). No help at all from jungle. Top lane getting harrassed and repeatedly pressured even when under tower. Top Loses lane quickly from pressure. And when asked why jungle wouldnt help, the response is "I dont gank feeding lanes" Well congrats. Then you dont get to rage and complain and report your top laner for "Feeding" because you seem to think "Not my lane? not My problem" Well guess what...NOW IT IS YOUR PROBLEM I know alot of these halo kids (only concerned with how pretty/inflated thier kda is) seem to forget that all lanes...are on THE SAME MAP. As soon as Enemy top laner is done with Top, they will come for the other lanes too. And you dont get to turn around and flame top laner, accuse them of "inting" when you had no intention of helping them in the first place Think of it this way. You get cut on the arm. One after another...You do nothing. Your cuts get infected...You do nothing. Your infected cuts turn gangreous. You still do nothing. Your logic becomes "I dont treat infected wounds" (I dont gank/help feeding lanes) You go to the doctor, and they have to amputate your arm. You lose your arm (or the match) you turn around and blame your severed arm for getting damaged. Congrats, you still lost an arm(lost a match) you could have saved but none of your other limbs were getting cut so you did nothing. And you would be lucky if the infection doesnt spread beyond your arm. its the same logic. But people dont want to risk helping anyone other than themselves because they have become so narcissist and perfectionist. I have seen players actively avoid any situation where they could have easily helped a teammate, but instead they will sit back and watch the teammate die (then turn around and label them as an "inter/feeder") and when asked why, their response is "I -might- have died" Not that death was assured, but there was a SLIGHT chance they might have died and it would have served as a blemish on the "perfect game" they want to achieve so they can get that precious "S" rating at the end of the match. And when they lose the match and DONT get the S rating, they call to report the player with the most negative KDA as a "inter", a player they could have helped...but that took too much effort. So yeah. If your attitude is "Not my lane, Not my problem" Then you dont get to turn around and blame the person you hung out in the wind when you lose a match...and THEIR PROBLEM BECOMES YOUR PROBLEM. If it wasnt your problem when it was limited to X lane being pressured, It will be soon.
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