gotta love automatic bans

i was talking to my friend who was in a discord server with me who was the camille Game 1 In-Game shoe6535: um what shoe6535: was i just kicked shoe6535: from my own shoe6535: discord server shoe6535: undeafen me %%% shoe6535: max shoe6535: fucking shoe6535: undeafen shoe6535: no i didnt shoe6535: someone moved me shoe6535: %%% shoe6535: fuck off shoe6535: undeafen me shoe6535: or i ban shoe6535: max shoe6535: i fucking swear shoe6535: undeafen me shoe6535: right now shoe6535: someone shoe6535: undeafen shoe6535: ok im afking to do myself shoe6535: oh wait shoe6535: lul shoe6535: it was discord servers shoe6535: dying shoe6535: take shoe6535: what a guy shoe6535: Wait what shoe6535: did that not shoe6535: hit velkoz shoe6535: kk rito shoe6535: the no bounty shoe6535: fiddle shoe6535: really shoe6535: really shoe6535: ??? shoe6535: lul shoe6535: off meta pick shoe6535: talisman morg so op shoe6535: lul tf adc shoe6535: apc shoe6535: fiddlesup is normal shoe6535: LUL shoe6535: 35s recall ree shoe6535: stop laughing velkoz shoe6535: i see no gold item shoe6535: 10min fear shoe6535: oh wait shoe6535: nvm shoe6535: i have a 10m root shoe6535: lul shoe6535: so shoe6535: hes weak shoe6535: cringe shoe6535: split push op shoe6535: VOT shoe6535: quadra shoe6535: no quad shoe6535: no skill shoe6535: camille u supposed to build titanic and spirit with no tanks on ur team shoe6535: my discord broken shoe6535: ur 1 for 1ing shoe6535: not carrying shoe6535: reee shoe6535: 2nd part camille q shoe6535: faker here shoe6535: baron shoe6535: we cant shoe6535: with 2 shoe6535: what the definition of insanity is shoe6535: ? shoe6535: woops shoe6535: how2 right click shoe6535: baron saves the day shoe6535: um shoe6535: they had an inhib on us shoe6535: yeah losing nexus turrets is a better response shoe6535: we coulda pushed top but nobody was near shoe6535: my discordd still broke shoe6535: let pleas shoe6535: not throw shoe6535: red op shoe6535: they all ult shoe6535: afk azir op shoe6535: blue card op shoe6535: run shoe6535: end shoe6535: "ill end" shoe6535: what shoe6535: 10 minute shoe6535: fear shoe6535: oaijdsa shoe6535: mb shoe6535: we need u and camille i can defend shoe6535: ok well camille fk them shoe6535: ye shoe6535: fuck shoe6535: afk shoe6535: azir
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