Ranked system

All of us Sommuners like playing League of legens speciely Rankeds, but but everyone can agrre with me that we hate loosing it XD its normal, but not normal is when you lose when its not your foult. What I mean for example you carry the team. You have realy good score like (9/1 10/2 and much more), but still you losing becouse of your team THATS NOT GOOD I mean you keeping alive your team you trying to win but others teammates are running what its cald are „feeding“ ofcourse there is option to Report a player becouse of it, but are realy RIOT a looking at reprots like this??? (INTENSIOL FEEDING) NO THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I succest: 1. For feeding sommuners should lose more LP than averange lost game 2. Sommuners ho carry the team but still lose should lose less LP than avernage player PLS RIOT READ THIS LETTER
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