Permaban after one 14 day suspension.

Today I got permanently banned. First of all I dont think that I didnt deserve a ban. I was playing adc bot on my way to D4 when I played against a fed Zed that just could oneshot me no matter what. I build PD, etc. So there comes the time I was at the base on my way to top lane and suddenly this monster pops up at the base wall annihilating me. Now I was mad as hell for sure and it happend and let it all out in chat. Later on I got assassinated by morde because I had no qss yet and I let it all out again. 10 more minutes into the game our poggers Lee succeeded in stealing the baron for us giving us the advantage. But little did I know... our Akali is now afk and we lose game. Moreover all the things I said where in the heat of battle, I dont realy what I wrote. Ok I deserve the ban, but why permanently. I got so many friends that got banned so many times in the past. This was my maybe 6th ban since Season 3. I am aware of the fact, that I am not the nicest player of the league community. But in season 9 I got banned once and then I got permanently banned, how is that fair?
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