I'm this close to uninstalling league. Rage quitters and bad match making

TLDR: I am put into a game where 8 out of 10 people are completely new while im a veteran so the match making did a poor job. The darius on my team who played as if he never played league before, got salty cuz he got bopped by heimerdinger and then ragequit and cost us the game. I'm upset because that behavior is not really punished well. Here to rant about it and discuss what you think as the community. Look at my match history for proof of how awful the game was for me. You should see just how angry i am and how passionate i feel about this by how long the rant is below. God this game, no wonder i hate playing it. Because i know, if i get a game like this where someone rage quits, its just gonna be a bad game. Rant part Okay I am a season 3 veteran who has played every season of league after season 3. I am very skilled for my rank. I got bronze but thats just an old rank i got from trying to actually lose but i couldnt even get bronze 5. They placed me in bronze 2. Anyway even if i dont play ranked anymore it still shows my ranked so go figure. But anyway, i know without a doubt, the last game i played on 9/5/19 where i am zed with 15/3/2 and 102 cs, i am 1000 times better than all the players in that game enemy and ally alike except for the enemy heimerdinger. Both me and the enemy heimerdinger were the only ones who actually knew what they were doing while the other 8 were just a bunch of fucking newbies who play as if they just started league yesterday. I'm not here to shame them for being bad, i was bad once too. But the problem is, why the hell am i being put into games with people of that skill level? It's hardly a fair match. To make it worse, the darius on my team was a noob who kept trying to melee attack the heimerdinger top while the turrets are fucking him up, so after he died the third time he says in chat "I'm done" then "bye" and literally afks. You know what? Riot and the system is not gonna do a damn thing about it. That is literally intentional afk and a huge impact on making teammates lose. Literally he got mad he was losing and left. There needs to be big punishment for people leaving since afking screws people so hard but no, afking is not even punished well. Being toxic in chat is annoying yes, but you can still be toxic in chat but play a really good game gameplay wise. Afking is a large deficit and has barely any consequences while typing a single thing in chat could lead to a ton of punishments that could even lead up to permabans. Before anyone criticizes about my cs or my build, i went crit because i want some dps since i can easily kill 1 of them but not all of them. Yes i coulda went tiamat or blade of ruin king, but i personally like attack speed on zed because of his attack speed loss several several patches ago to nerf his split push potential, and i personally like shiv for the extra burst while phantom for the survivability and both give attack speed and movespeed which is what i prefer. The reason my cs was so low was because i was sorta playing the support role and not farming. Yes i know we didnt have a jungler or adc i personally think we would have lost even if we had a jungler and adc because of the fact that darius rage quit. The morg was basically new because she spent most of the time auto attacking rather than ever throwing out bindings or any spell at all, probably still trying to aim her skillshots as most new players dont use quick cast or arent used to aiming skillshots and casting them quickly. And what was really annoying is that despite me doing extremely well, my heimerdinger had the balls to try to give me advice. There was this instance where me and him were trying to take down the enemy heimerdinger who was splitting top, i get the enemy heimerdinger down to half hp, then our heimerdinger dies to their heimerdingers turrets while their heimerdinger uses hourglass. Our heimerdinger dies and then talks shit saying i should kill the enemy heimerdingers turrets. Aim for turrets because if u kill the turrets then the heimerdinger is on cooldown and useless. That was the utter most stupid shit ive ever heard. Why the fuck would a zed want to walk up in melee ranged to kill heimerdingers turrets? You take a shit ton of damage trying to do so. And I'm not gonna waste my spells cooldown and energy resource just to kill turrets when heimerdinger can summon them quickly since their charge rate is short and only cost 20 mana. It's obviously not worth trying to kill turrets for zed rather, just try to poke heimerdinger down with w e q combo from a safe distance outside of heimer turret range. So i tell the heimerdinger that is he joking? I'm fed and he is 2/5, i should be the one lecturing him. Then he says im the one that died, he just saw me died. Face fucking palm, he thought i died because while i ulted, i switched to my other shadow because the enemy heimerdinger used ult turret+ hourglass so obviously im gonna jump away so the turret doesnt kill me. But our heimerdinger thought i died then he died to turrets and said im stupid i shoulda focused the turrets. Like bitch please holy shit, you are fucking garbage shut the fuck up and focus on the game. I keep telling him to focus on the game we are 4v5 so we need to spend more time playing instead of talking. He spends the rest of the game calling me a snowflake whatever that means and we basically lose because of this because we are now 2 man down from defending. Fuck my life. I should have just afked after our darius did, but no, i didnt want to. But next time i will because i know the most i will get if i even get punished at all, is a 5 minute queue wait time. That's a lot better than getting a 30 minute 4v5 game where idiots are trying to give me advice which is stupid advice and im trying so hard to defend but cant and play a losing game.
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