14 days Suspendet

Game 1 Pre-Game TheMagicBeast: XD TheMagicBeast: yeah.soraka much better TheMagicBeast: :D In-Game TheMagicBeast: still smoking TheMagicBeast: ty TheMagicBeast: gj TheMagicBeast: well if bot could follow TheMagicBeast: could be better TheMagicBeast: gj TheMagicBeast: men TheMagicBeast: get fckin out TheMagicBeast: of my jungler TheMagicBeast: %%% TheMagicBeast: graves top side TheMagicBeast: Stop crying TheMagicBeast: well TheMagicBeast: if u buthird like that TheMagicBeast: so its means something TheMagicBeast: ff TheMagicBeast: xD TheMagicBeast: whY? TheMagicBeast: xD TheMagicBeast: camping mid ? TheMagicBeast: i came once TheMagicBeast: and u died TheMagicBeast: xD TheMagicBeast: little boy crying TheMagicBeast: gj so TheMagicBeast: |enjoy TheMagicBeast: %%% TheMagicBeast: Acting like a kid TheMagicBeast: xD TheMagicBeast: idc TheMagicBeast: anymore TheMagicBeast: ff go next And now i would like to get any comment about that,beecause or im stupid,or i dont understand for what i got banned FOR 14 days Riot,its look like System error.I'm playing this game from 2009,i remember that TOXCITY,when people was going crazy,but after your system update happend what,i have 2 account,one in EU West and second EU Nordik East,the think is,on EUW People never getting banned even if they chatting for 20 min in game,and talking some bad words about your family,but when you going in Nordik East,ban incoming for anything.Had before same problem,get perma banned for saying F***,and you know how they answer on that ? You had ban in 2016 so we gave you perma banned,BUT I NEVER HAD BANNED ON ACCOUNT,Riot doesnt support players,its all what can i said about this,Really sad but what can we do,they just better ban people who spend money and time on this game,and still you can buy any account online while riot saying you cant share account. GL HF boys !
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