Why even have a report system anymore?

I don't see any need for it. The tribunal is gone, everything is completely automated now. Why not treat it like leaver buster where the system scans every player every single match for being AFK, and no reports are required for a punishment to be handed out. Why is verbal misconduct/toxicity/trolling any different? The system should just scan all 10 players after every single match for bannable offenses and punish anyone it deems fit. Why should it need a player triggered report to see if someone is breaking the rules? Are you saying breaking the rules and being toxic is acceptable as long as no players in that match have an issue with it? Why not apply that same logic to leaver buster then and only ban AFK's if a report was filed. You guys constantly repeat that 1 report has the same value as 9, but I find that hard to believe since any system like that wouldn't need reports in the first place. Saying 1 report has the same value as 9 means that the only thing that matters is whether a player breaks the rules or not, and that the number of people upset enough to report isn't important. Why not just take it one step further then and say nine reports has the same value as one report, which also has the same value as zero reports, and just scan every player every match for misbehavior. There is obviously some weighting on number of reports that a player receives, or at the very least number of games the player is reported in over a short time span whether Riot officially admits it or not. That is the only reason to have reports in the game anymore. When a player receives a mass amount of reports over a multiple game time span it flags your account as someone who is perceived as toxic by the community and the IFS handles punishments accordingly. Are you guys worried that the system would ban far too many people this way since the IFS is complete bullshit and punishes anything that can be perceived as offensive? What would happen if all 10 people got reported at the end of every single game? You guys constantly regurgitate that context doesn't matter, and that the only thing that matters is your behavior. So lets remove the context of needing at least one player per match reporting you as a prerequisite to have your account punished. At the very least this would expose how terrible of an idea it is to have an automated system handling subjective punishments when half the community gets chat banned on the first day that this were to be implemented.
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